Winner of the European Language Label in 2008 and 2012

The European Language Label is an award encouraging new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, the rewarding of new techniques in language teaching, and spreading the knowledge of languages' existence, thereby promoting good practice. Every year, the Label is awarded to the most innovative language learning project in each country participating in the scheme. By supporting these projects, at a local and national level, the Label seeks to raise the standards of language teaching cross Europe.
The Pronunciation Trainer part of the Danish Simulator won the award in 2008, while the entire platform won in 2012.

About us
Dansksimulatoren allows you to learn Danish language and culture by yourself. It is an interactive online game, which uses a speech recognition to analyze your pronunciation difficulties and correct them, while also letting you practice your conversational skills and your cultural knowledge.

Play, learn and communicate Danish.

Our story
When Troels and I started developing DanskSimulatoren in 2010 we were determined to change the traditional way of learning a new language and culture, by providing both teachers and learners with an entirely revolutionizing tool. Our objective in this area was to focus on the main weakness of the learner and try to solve it by using innovative methods. What people need when they move to another country is to be able to understand and communicate with the natives in order to discover the culture and the differences between them.Even though a student in Denmark has the opportunity to study the Danish language for free for the first 3 years, many of them have a tendency to drop out, either because they don’t have time for classes due to work or because they aren’t motivated to learn or the fear of talking in front of natives is too overwhelming.We created the DanskSimulatoren platform to enable you to practice your conversational and pronunciation skills with the speech recognizer, while also testing your cultural knowledge in a non-threatening, motivating and ever-patient game-type environment. For instance, the speech recognizer allows the computer to detect the sounds that are difficult for the user to pronounce. After you pronounce a couple of words and there is a sound which you cannot reproduce, the computer will give you specific words to train your pronunciation.From our point of view, the platform allows the students and professional workers to learn the language by themselves until they reach a certain conversational level.

Dansksimulatoren Aps - mission
Dansksimulatoren Aps is owned  by the Resource Center for Integration (VIFIN) and Troels Myram. The purpose of the company is to develop and distribute language learning products. We cooperate with private as well as public entities both nationally and internationally. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Our mission is to offer to the learners a motivational tool by facilitating and organizing an online environment equipped with speech recognition and 3D scenarios. DanskSimulatoren strives to change the way that people learn a new language. We aim to be the leading interactive platform for online learning languages.